Poultry and Eggs

Chickens in the chicken tractor

All of our poultry are pasture-raised, and fed non-gmo grain.  We raise Freedom Ranger Meat Chickens, which are kept in bottomless, movable pens called chicken tractors.  The tractors are moved daily to fresh pasture.  Our chickens weigh between 4 & 5 lbs and are processed on site.

Our pastured laying hens produce the tastiest, most nutritious eggs!  Pastured eggs tend to be thicker, with stronger, darker yolks.  It’s like having a little bit of sunshine with your meal!

A basket of eggs!

We also raise turkeys!  Our turkeys, along with our chickens, are healthier & happier than commercially produced poultry because they are allowed to forage. We have FRESH turkeys available for Thanksgiving.


Dedicated to providing a local alternative to commercially produced factory food