You could say that maple sugaring is in our blood!  We were raised on pure Vermont maple syrup and it was only natural to carry on the family tradition.

Grandpa Hawkins, Patti’s grandfather, was an award winning sugar maker, right down the road and up on the ‘hill’ in East Wallingford, VT.  Memories of spending time in the sugar house, tasting samples and watching the boiling and canning process are memories that still provide a smile and a sense of pride.

Our syrup is made over a wood-fired arch, just like Grandpa did back in the day!  The flavor is fired in!  Maple season is a time when all family members gather in the sugar house to help boil, feed the fire, check the sap lines, and of course … taste test samples!

Our love of maple sugaring seems to be shared by the youngest generations!  We hope the memories we are creating today, will continue to make our grandchildren smile each and every maple season.

Dedicated to providing a local alternative to commercially produced factory food